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Key benefits of our franchise program
Quick and easy start
All technical aspects of launching the project are provided by the professional team of the management company, which makes the process of entering the region as comfortable as possible for franchisees.
High profitability
Allows entrepreneurs to earn income from advertising, affiliate programs and additional services that can be offered to users.
Popular services
One product contains everything necessary for every resident of any city. Events poster, city directory, notice board, city social network, city news.
Opportunity scaling
The application can be adapted for other regions, which allows you to receive additional profit.
Training and support
Selling a franchise involves training and support from the management company, which will help the entrepreneur quickly get used to the new business.

Lack of world analogues

Our service is in demand all over the world

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Who is the franchisesuitable for?

Become part of our family and discover new ones horizons for your business!
For entrepreneurs
For developers
For tourism business
For real estate agencies
For investors
For government agencies


Right to use the brand
Help with launching at all stages
Full employee training
Support of operational activities
Marketing support
Open command
Full technical support

How willyou earnmoney?

Methods and channels and monetization

Advertising activity

A wide selection of products for all sizes of business, advertising contracts are extended from year to year!

Partners and services

Cooperate on a percentage of the transfer of clients in the tourism and transport sectors

Real estate and car sales

Take a larger share of the market thanks to our IT solutions!
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Would the IT franchise be suitable for me if I don't understand IT?

To buy our IT business franchise, you don't need to be a programmer or have any deeply specialized technical skills. The GO city app team completely takes care of launching and managing the mobile application and website technically. On your part, you manage the entire project through an intuitive admin panel. Franchising in the IT sector has never been so easy to master!

What is the return on investment of your urban portal IT franchise?

According to our financial model, the partner reaches a surplus from the 25th month - i.e. within 2 years, they fully recoup their initial investment and start earning $20,000 per month. Depending on the region, the payback period for the GO city app IT franchise may vary. Leave a request, and we will send you a financial model tailored to your region.

What is required from the GO city app partner?

Your task is to open a representative office, organize offline advertising in your city, and assemble a team of sales managers who will sell advertising blocks. The Management Company takes care of training the team and providing full technical support. Your responsibility will be to monitor the already launched and configured business processes without being distracted by technical nuances.

How do you help find clients after purchasing the franchise?

In the IT franchise business of GO city app, the task of finding clients falls on your regional office and sales team. The Management Company assists you with turnkey Digital advertising (banners, design, setup, etc.). And, as our practice shows, 20% of advertisers come from inbound advertising requests. In other words, by promoting the service to a wide audience, you also receive requests for advertising placement, as any business owner is always looking for new popular platforms to promote their product.

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